By Sarat Pratapchandran

In the sacred ancient Indian mythology, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Hindu God Krishna describes four divisions of society to his friend and devotee, Arjuna. According to the Gita (4.13), Krishna says that he is the creator of everything and there are four divisions of social order.

  1. Know that you are adaptable

Human beings are resilient and we can adapt to changing environmental conditions. We can work from home, from the office and anywhere in between. Adaptability is a key to our success. So, don’t worry! You will soon get used to your old circumstances.

2. Ease…

Companies hire “people like us” despite clear data that shows that diverse, heterogenous organizations innovate faster, outperform competitors, and bring greater long-term value.

A McKinsey report “Diversity Matters” based on feedback from 366 companies in 2015 had found that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are…

By Sarat Pratapchandran

Thousands of Desis are working from home and practicing self-quarantine. Here is your ultimate guide to productivity:

1. Tie your mouse to your dog’s tail and pretend you are at work. The dog will wag its tail and the world will think you are busy at work.

Sarat Pratapchandran

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